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California Employer-Group Health Insurance

Group Health InsuranceWe’re here to make sense of the recent employer-health-insurance legislation in California, and help implement any needed changes quickly.

Now more than ever, it pays to have a broker that focuses on the details and gets everything done for you.

We can help you with anything related to employer-group health insurance including:

  • Moving from a grandfathered plan to an ACA-compliant plan.
  • Transitioning from a large-employer plan to a small-employer plan as required by the insurer.
  • Understanding the employer shared responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Guidance on completing the reports that are now required.
  • Calculating your full-time employee equivalent total.

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Learn About Employer-Group Health Insurance

The following is intended as a general overview of group health insurance. For help determining the best plan for you, please contact us.

What Is Employer-Group Health Insurance?

A group health insurance coverage plan is a policy that has been purchased by an employer and is offered to eligible employees and sometimes their spouses and dependents. Most Americans have a group health insurance plan through their current employer.

There are differences when it comes to group coverages as opposed to individual coverage plans. With an individual coverage plan, the insurer has historically based its premium rates on the medical history of the individual person. With group coverage, the insurer determines a premium price based on the risk factors seen across the entire group.

Who Is Eligible for Employer-Group Health Insurance?

Group insurance can be given to any full time employees. The employer must offer coverage to all full time employees. The employer also has the option to cover individuals who are working part-time. It’s important to understand that these coverage options are applied to all full time employees, regardless of their previous medical problems.

Employees with spouses, children, and in some cases, unmarried domestic partners, are generally eligible for coverage under a group plan. According to the Affordable Care Act, group insurance plans are required to extend coverage to those dependents until the age of 26.

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